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Magic Portal

Magic Portal

Since the beginning of time, there have been magic portals that connect our world with a fantastic parallel world . Portal guardians make sure that the gates are well secured. But one of the portal guards has been put into a magical sleep – and now evil creatures are streaming into our world.

Solve puzzles in enchanted places and collect enough crystals to re-seal the Magic Portal and save our world from destruction.

Magic Portal, an outdoor GPS adventure game, where the lines of reality and fantasy become blurred. With the help of a special “portal tracker” (aka: iPad), equipped with GPS, you and your team will be guided on a magical treasure hunt throughout downtown Salmon Arm. In order to complete your quest, and to save the world from evil forces, you and your team will need to interact with virtual avatars and work together to solve tricky riddles. Fun for family, friends and colleagues!


Number of players

Recommended minimum age:

1.5 hrs to 2 hrs to play

2-6 per iPad, one player must be 18+

8 years

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