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Operation Mindfall

Operation Mindfall

We are W.I.S.E.: an independent, international intelligence organization, operating at the highest level of secrecy to protect the world from danger. Our sources report that the secret research company, Spider Technologies, has developed a virus for mind control and has already infected 20% of the world population.

Your task: Obtain the antidote to stop Spider Tech! Can you do it?

Operation Mindfall is an outdoor adventure, an exciting mix of classic scavenger hunt, geocaching, virtual mini-games, and augmented reality. Everything packed into an exciting story in which you play the lead role! Your task is to connect with the Secret Agent organization, W.I.S.E., to create an antivirus, disinfect groundwater, and hack into the malicious company’s mainframe server to stop the signal in time to save the world! Armed with a top-secret briefcase full of gadgets, and a tablet to guide you on your mission through downtown Salmon Arm, you are the world’s last hope! Get your team together and get ready for a whole new outdoor adventure!


Number of players

Recommended minimum age:

1.5 hrs to 2 hrs to play

2-6 per iPad, one player must be 18+

10 years

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